Whether humanity inflicting harm on itself or due to natural disasters, left untreated, traumatic life experiences can lead to more harm. The EMDR Foundation has created the EMDR Early Intervention (EEI) Toolkit as a research to clinicians and researchers in times of need.

To meet one of its goals, the Foundation has prioritized research that will help to address the global burden of trauma. Specifically, we want to support research that investigates the use of EMDR Early Interventions in the treatment of trauma and disaster situations, whether that is natural or man-made disaster, individual trauma, or events that impact larger communities.

The Toolkit is an introduction to conducting research in disaster situations, or in clinical situations such as crises clinics, emergency rooms, or rape treatment centers. It highlights disaster response research methodology, including Randomized Controlled Trials, access to many of the EMDR Early Intervention Protocols and guidelines to appropriate research measures in a readily accessible online format. It is our hope that the Toolkit will make it easier and more likely that EMDR clinicians responding to trauma and disaster situations will use a standardized approach and collect appropriate data as an integral part of their response.

If you download (or plan to download) our Toolkit, please complete the online user registration form so that we can send you Toolkit updates, information, and opportunities. In addition, this information will help us to know how the Toolkit is being used so that we can be aware of what is useful to those conducting EMDR early intervention research now and in the future.

The Toolkit is intended only for EMDR clinicians who have completed Basic EMDR Training and, ideally, are fully trained in the use of the selected specialty protocols. Download the most current version of the toolkit below and subscribe to receive updates.

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