You can help! Funding and promoting scientific research is crucial to the advancement of EMDR and its positive impact on people’s lives. With your help, the EMDR Research Foundation is investing in the health and well-being of people everywhere. Please donate today!

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Visionary Alliance
Your sustaining gift will automatically repeat each month. Sustaining gifts provide vital funds that support the EMDR Research Foundation mission. The Visionary Alliance program includes monthly donations of $25 or more. Sustaining gift programs are vital to the success of the organization because they provide a predictable, continuous stream of income that will give the Foundation leverage when pursuing funding from larger organizations, granting agencies and foundations. It also allows us to predict the amount we can distribute to support research proposals.

Tribute Gifts

Gifts in Honor or Memory
A Tribute Gift enables you to meaningfully honor or remember someone while supporting the EMDR Research Foundation and EMDR Research. Your donation provides special recognition when you make it in tribute to a living loved one, friend, relative or colleague or in memory of someone deceased.

Named Research Grants
A donation to the EMDR Research Foundation of at least $5,000 can be used to provide an EMDR Research Grant in the amount of your gift. You will have the option of naming the grant using your name or making it in honor of or in memory of another person or group.

Mail, Phone, Stock or Wire Transfers

Major Gifts
Leadership gifts have provided stability and growth since our inception and positioned the EMDR Research Foundation today with the opportunity to evaluate EMDR’s effectiveness with a variety of disorders, as suggested by preliminary research and anecdotal reports. The EMDR Research Foundation can focus on research to combat trauma, depression, and children and adolescents.

Other Giving Options

Planned Gifts
A variety of planned giving arrangements are available, each offering important benefits for donors, their families and the EMDR Research Foundation. Planned gifts can be “win-win” opportunities that enable you to fulfill your philanthropic inclinations while maximizing your tax savings. The following are highlights of several popular planned giving ideas:

Will and Trusts
Name the EMDR Research Foundation as a beneficiary of your estate. You can designate that all or a percent of your estate or specific assets be given to the Foundation upon your demise or at a future time.

Beneficiary Designations Gifts
Designate the EMDR Research Foundation as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, IRA or pension plan.

Employment Giving
Your employer may offer the convenience of direct payroll withholding of your charitable donation. Many employers will match charitable donations made by their employees. Matching programs can double the impact of your gift.

Endowment Gifts
Your contribution to the EMDR Research Foundation Endowment Fund can be for general use or designated for research-related activities. Either way, your gift will provide funds that the Foundation can use annually in perpetuity.

Corporate Giving
Please consider becoming a “give as you earn” donor by donating one EMDR session or a portion of a session per month to support EMDR research. Contact us to learn more here.

Make a Difference – Donate Today

**The EMDR Research Foundation recommends that you consult with estate planning and tax experts when considering planned gifts.**