At the 2011 EMDRIA Conference, the Foundation initiated the “Visionary Alliance.” This program offers our constituents the opportunity to give a sustaining pledge by automatic monthly donations. An effective way to “pay back” for all the benefits received due to EMDR is to “pay it forward” by your ongoing contribution to EMDR research.

Your monthly donations of $25 or more will provide a predictable, continuous stream of income that will give the Foundation leverage when pursuing funding from larger organizations, granting agencies and foundations. It also allows us to predict the amount we can distribute to support research proposals.

“What does it mean” to be a member of the “Visionary Alliance?” When the Foundation is funding large scale research projects to the tune of thousands of dollars a year, you will know you were part of the ground swell of support that made it possible. Please consider becoming a “give as you earn” donor by donating one EMDR session or a portion of a session per month to support EMDR research.

It is all up to you…you decide your role in this important endeavor!


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