History of the EMDR Research Foundation

The EMDR Research Foundation envisions a world where people are transformed to wellness and vibrancy by effective, compassionate mental health treatment that is driven by quality research.


  • Incorporated as a Texas corporation
  • Original Board Members | Wendy Freitag, Jim Gach and Rosalie Thomas


  • Received IRS Tax Exemption Letter


  • Foundation had cash balance of $10,000 and completed financial audit


  • Board expanded with the addition of Directors Barbara Hensley, Zona Scheiner, Tonya Edmond and Dennis Hall
  • $100,000 Fundraising Goal Announced


  • First Fundraising Campaign goal of $100,000 is met and exceeded


  • Dissertation Research Award ($5000) Inaugurated – First recipient announced at 2010 EMDRIA Conference


  • Katy Murray added as Director
  • Four $10,000 Research Awards given
  • Visionary Alliance formed
  • Board adopts 5 year strategic plan
    • To increase EMDR research by 10%
    • To outreach to at least 10,000 clinicians
    • To publish guidelines for quality research in EMDR therapy
    • To provide non-monetary support for research
  • Foundation awards Chris Lee with a plaque honoring his hard work at having EMDR therapy recognized as an Evidence Based Treatment by SAMHSA
  • Foundation begins to provide feedback to runner up grant applications to improve the quality of the proposed study


  • Scott Blech added as Director
  • Three separate Grants Awards were given totaling $25,000
  • 150 Visionary Alliance members
  • Translating Research Into Practice (TRIP) begins with publication of first article
  • Inaugural launch of $1,000 Consultation Awards
  • Research Priorities expanded to include suicide, somatic, and medical conditions


  • Two $10,000 Grants Awarded
  • First $1000 Consultation Award given
  • Research Resource Directory becomes available on our website
  • Creation of the EMDR and The Military In Action newsletter
  • Creation of a Clinical Information Newsletter
  • Research Foundation hosted a booth at the Psychotherapy Networker Conference
  • Karen Forte added as director
  • Second Translating Research Into practice (TRIP) article published in the Journal of EMDR Practice and Research


  • $1,000 Research Dissemination Travel Award launched
  • Research Priorities Defined:
    • 1st Priority- Advancing Evidence Based Practice
    • 2nd Priority-Addressing the Global Burden of Trauma
    • 3rd Priority- Building Clinical Evidence
  • $25,000 Grant for 25 Years of EMDR Research Award offered. Fourteen applications were received by the September 1 deadline, with four award recipients being announced in December
  • Early EMDR Interventions Researcher’s Toolkit is created and available online
  • “EMDR Research Foundation Quiz” and “25 Years of Research Crossword Puzzle” offered to increase clinical knowledge of EMDR therapy research
  • Susan Rogers and Susan Brown added as directors


  • The Research Grant Award amount was increased from $10,000 to $25,000
  • Third Translating Research Into Practice (TRIP) article published in the Journal of EMDR Practice and Research
  • Website updated – mobile friendly
  • EMDR Current Research Listing added to website
  • Online grant application process added
  • 2015 EMDRIA Conference theme “Research Around the World – Healing Around the Globe” reaches out to EMDR therapy clinicians, researchers, and supporters throughout the world
  • Informational Handout, 2015 Highlights, and 2015 crossword puzzle avalable online – for use by trainers, regional coordinators, approved consultants
  • Three $25,000 research grants awarded
  • David Sherwood added as director


  • In May, two $25,000 research grants and one grant for $5130 were announced
  • One $5,000 Sandra Wilson Memorial Dissertation Grant Award was announced in May
  • 2016 EMDRIA Conference Theme: “A Decade of Making a Difference in EMDR Therapy and Research” is announced, celebrating the ten year anniversary of the EMDR Research Foundation