Lynn Smith, LCSW

Lynn Smith is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in trauma therapy in Knoxville, Tennessee. She is the Founder and Director of The Center for Mindfulness at Mind Body Knox where she integrates work with trauma-sensitive mind/body practices and EMDR therapy. Lynn is a Certified EMDR therapist, EMDRIA Approved Consultant, and faculty member of the EMDR Institute. Among her areas of clinical expertise are anxiety and panic disorders, phobias/fears, stress management, peak performance, grief, PTSD, recent trauma, and developmental trauma. Additionally, Lynn has extensive experience working with survivors of mass tragedy and first responders utilizing Early EMDR Intervention treatment protocols. She serves as the co-coordinator of the East Tennessee Trauma Recovery Network with an emphasis on service and advocacy for survivors of gun violence. Lynn has also served on the Trauma Recovery/EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs Committee, assisting with developing the Trauma Recovery Network training manual for regional TRNs.