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"Translating Research Into Practice" (TRIP) is a regular feature of the Journal of EMDR Practice and Research in which clinicians share clinical case examples that support, elaborate, or illustrate the results of a specific research study. Each column begins with the abstract of that study, followed by the clinician’s description of their own application of standard EMDR procedures with the population or problem treated in the study. The column is edited by the EMDR Research Foundation with the goal of providing a link between research and practice and making research findings relevant in therapists’ day-today practices.  To download instructions for a TRIP article, click here.

We are soliciting clinical case examples inspired by or supported by research:

Clinicians – If you have read a research article that stimulated your thinking, inspired your work, or made a difference in your work with a client, please share this by writing a brief case description that elucidates or is inspired by the findings of a research article.


Researchers – If you have been involved in a research study and would like to share clinical examples that elucidate your findings, we invite you to share them with your clinical colleagues by writing your case example and how it relates to your research.

Clinical consultants and trainers – If you have found a research article that has proven helpful to a consultee or to trainees in their understanding of or application of EMDR, please share your experiences. We can support researchers in disseminating their findings and provide the critical link between research and practice. For more information about writing a TRIP column click here.  To access the published TRIP articles, visit here



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