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Wendy J. Freitag, Ph.D. | President

As most of you know, the main purpose of the EMDR Research Foundation is to financially support high quality EMDR therapy research. The Board of Directors remains grateful to all of the loyal and generous donors who support our mission. In this article I would like to highlight some of the additional resources supplied by the Foundation as well as those offered by others and available through our website. These resources can be of help to both researchers and clinicians who have an interest in high quality EMDR therapy research and practice.


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The EMDR Research Foundation has established four mechanisms to fund research on EMDR Therapy. Learn more and apply today for one of our grants.

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By supporting EMDR research, the EMDR Research Foundation is investing in the health and well-being of people everywhere.

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Learn how EMDR Therapy works, what to expect during an EMDR session, and what problems can be treated with EMDR Therapy.

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