Marilyn Luber and Bob Raymar Wedding Fund

We, Marilyn Luber and Bob Raymar, met in 1968 in Geneva, Switzerland on the 4th of July. We reconnected 45 years later through a watch and Linked In. Marilyn has been part of the EMDR therapy community since 1992. She was on the Founding Board of the EMDR International Association and served as the liaison for the EMDR Institute and the International community as well as for EMDRIA and the International community. For the past 11 years she has been editing a series of 7 books on EMDR Scripted Protocols with her colleagues from all over the world. Bob is a litigator in Newark, NJ. He is involved with many boards for educational, environmental and political purposes. He even consulted with the EMDR Research Foundation Board!

“We believe in the power of EMDR therapy and think it is important to support the research of this important work.”  -Marilyn Luber

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