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Zona Scheiner, Ph.D.

Zona Scheiner, Ph.D. received her Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in the Combined Program of Education and Psychology. Since that time, her career has been varied, starting as a Professor at Hunter College of the City University of New York, working as a School Psychologist for the Ann Arbor Public Schools, developing and coordinating programs in Child and Family Therapy for various Community Mental Health Organizations and for the last 30  years in full time private practice with Family Therapy Associates of Ann Arbor.  In 2004, she co-founded  the EMDR Resource Center of Michigan.  The EMDR Resource Center has been an active provider of specialty presentations and EMDR Basic Trainings in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area since its inception. Dr. Scheiner’s professional time is organized around teaching, practicing and consulting in EMDR.  Her enthusiasm led her to 7 years on the EMDRIA Board of Directors, ending in her Presidency.  Her belief that the practice of EMDR is based on solid research led her to the Board of the EMDR Research Foundation where she has served since 2009.